What our Customers Say

Mischief Hand Wash

Lovely hand wash – This is the best hand wash, along with the hand moisturiser that I have had in a long time! I have also bought the sanitizer which is fab for everyday life at the moment!

Sally Anne, Huddersfield

Lavender & Sandalwood Relaxing Bubble Bath

Gorgeous Bubble Bath – I originally bought this for my mum, but she kept on talking about how great it was, so eventually I bought it for myself. My skin is so silky afterwards and the combination of both the lavender and sandalwood really works in that it’s not too strong, but makes you feel relaxed.


Calm Seas Hand & Body Lotion

Amazingly fantastic lotion, have used it for quite a while now just love the fragrance and deep nourishing properties. I have a very dry skin and this lotion has done wonders for my skin making it very soft and all the more Beautiful. Thank you H2k


Mischief Hand Wash

This product is superb. It doesn’t dry out your hands like a lot of others do and the aroma of it is really nice.

Carol, Barnsley

Pure Indulgence Reed Diffuser

Wow. I’ve bought reed diffusers for years and this has lasted more than anything else I’ve ever used, it’s amazing it’s still going after 7 months!

Clare, York

Mischief Shower Gel

Hazel, I absolutely love the “mischief collection” and can’t believe after not being able to buy perfumed products for 30 years, this is the only product I can use. Thank you so much.

For Beautiful Skin Hand Wash

We’ve been buying from you for over 15 years now and still love your “for beautiful skin hand wash” as it makes our skin really soft

Rachel, Leeds

For Beautiful Skin Hand & Body Lotion

Thank you for your glorious hand cream, my skin feels silky smooth

Jane, Bradford