A new way of life

Up until early 2020, we used to think wellness was drinking water, joining the gym or spin class or perhaps chilling with a friend.  Now, with Covid times upon us our outlook has intensified as we’ve been forced to look at a new way of life. Suddenly many have been confronted with ‘work from home’, making us re-evaluate our relationships, both personal and/or business. 

As our vacations were cancelled and our wellness retreats postponed, we learnt to accept our new social behaviours and grieved for friendships, we hoped to rekindle.  Consequently, the constant stress of 2020 left many of us with dehydrated skin and fine lines, not to mention our obligatory feeling of mental disarray.   Suddenly instead of purchasing beautiful cleansers and creams we began to focus on sanitisation, leaving our skin sore and dry.

Our wellness experiences

2021 has seen us regaining what we lost last year.  Amid the trauma we’ve found ourselves taking more care of our communities and learning to reach out to those more vulnerable.  Our wellness experiences are becoming more profound and we’ve begun to take more care of ourselves, accepting the things we cannot change, but perhaps improving those we can.  We’ve begun to purchase that extra wellness candle to lift our mood or choose a variety of skin care products ensuring we have the time to recharge our batteries.

New year, new ways

Am sure as we turn into 2022 we will continue to grow, learning new ways to enhance our emotional and physical wellbeing.  Whether that will be in the form of a happy mood enhancing diffuser, a hydrating skin care product or time spent with a friend, let’s ensure we all try to take more care of ourselves!

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