2020 has been a tough year, with many of us dealing with more stress that we normally would.   Some recent research has confirmed, skin can act as an immediate stress perceiver and a target of stress responses. As the largest organ of the body, Skin is the primary sensing organ for external stressors, including heat, cold, pain, and mechanical tension. These receptors are responsible for transmitting outside signals to the spinal cord, and then to the brain.  The brain responds to these signals, which in turn influences the stress responses in the skin.

Whilst it’s difficult to reduce our daily stresses, we can in fact influence our own responses to them and if we can target these key stress mediators, we can then help our bodies’ immune and inflammation responses.   As our bodies seek to combat the stress, the PH balance changes, which over a long period of time can create changes in the skin, thus leading to acne/rashes/itching etc.  Whilst there is no cure for everyone; a simple change can make all the difference:- for example drinking a cup of water when you feel particularly stressed, can not only help your stress-levels, but reduces the “stress signals to the brain” thus reduce skin inflammation over time.  We can also help ourselves by using cleansing and hydrating products created for sensitive skin types as these not only keep our skin clean and hydrated, but help to reduce the amount of aggressors that can build up over time.

Here are three cleansing and hydrating products that may help, a Men’s Facial Post Shaving Balm & Moisturiser with collagen booster, a Secret Skin Nourishing Cream with collagen booster, and a Secret Skin day & night replenishing oil.

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