In these uncertain times, we are strongly being advised to keep safe by protecting ourselves on a daily basis with hand cleansing and sanitiser. With 70% Alcohol, H2k’s high quality sanitizer, kills 99.9% of all bacteria and as such offers skin kind protection. Whilst sanitiser is a great “stay-safe”, we would always recommend 20 seconds of hand washing if clean running water is available nearby.

Here at H2k we care for you and your skin by creating beautiful, hydrating hand & body creams and cleansers for all skin types. Our founder, Hazel Barry has over 20 years of experience, formulating her wonderful hand cleansers and lotions for those with skin sensitivities, incorporating the much-loved “Kalahari melon seed oil” originating from Namibia which helps to calm the skin through its anti-inflammatory and intensely moisturising properties. H2k is predominantly known for their hydrating, rich ingredients, but the brand can also been seen in some of the best hotels in the world.

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