Our hair can be damaged from the Sun during Summer so as we move into Autumn it’s a great time to give it some TLC. So no matter whether it’s thick or fine, let’s get it into shape. Firstly you need a good shampoo. Here at H2k we’ve lots to choose from, with the “seakelp organic lifestyle” being great for curly hair with it’s natural properties for keeping it in shape, whereas our spa lifestyle and sensual collections give fine hair that bounce it needs. Alternatively our “mischief conditioning shampoo” with eucalyptus and calming frankincense or our “calm seas” with cocoa butter and mango extracts are perfect if you’re “on the go” and need a quick fix.

Once you’ve washed and conditioned, why not giving fine hair some extra body and try some soft (non-heat) curlers ? They’re great for giving it a lift, especially if you use some hair spray or gel before you put them in. Dry your hair with them in, then take them out and style as you feel fit. You’ll definitely need to allow some spare time the first time you try, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have lovely bouncy hair and if you want to keep it in place, perhaps use some strong hair spray. If you’ve thick curly hair, a good way to deal with it, is to use a strong hair conditioner. Our Organic Lifestyle, Mischief and Calm Seas hair conditioners have a thick creamy texture and are great for curly hair, giving you the style and confidence to go about your day

Take a look at the H2k hair care range here

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