Most of us touch our face over 15 times per hour, moving our hands most of the day. As such our hands are exposed to the elements more than most parts of our body. Taking steps to keep them moisturised is one of the most important steps to preventing dry skin. Frequent washing removes the skin’s natural hydration and with most of us regularly using hand-sanitiser, it’s no wonder our hands are becoming dry.

Keeping your hands moisturised can also avoid signs of aging. In fact, the skin on our hands ages more quickly than the skin on our face and it’s particularly more pronounced on the back of the hands, so it’s always good to remember to do the backs as well as the palms.

H2k’s Hand creams have ingredients that hydrate and protect against the drying effect of soaps and detergents, but if you’re using H2k hand washes and cleansers you’ll hopefully be able to care for your skin 24 hours a day.

Take a look at our ‘hands’ section for hand lotions and washes.

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