It’s quite common to touch our face up to 50 times a day, but what most of us hadn’t envisaged was that we’d be covering our faces just to keep safe and thus deal with the skin care consequences of facemasks.  At the beginning of lock-down it seemed “key workers” were the most vulnerable, but as the months have gone by, we’ve all been subjected to the necessary face-mask/facial coverings.  Whilst this is imperative to stay safe, we can’t deny it’s had an impact on our skin.

Earlier this year to help the cause we created some skin friendly sanitiser, the idea being, you wash, sanitise then moisturise your hands, then if you do touch your face, there is less chance that germs were likely to spread.  However, since masks became mandatory many of us who are wearing these for long periods of time are suffering from heat rashes, unusual PH balance thus oily/dry patches.  To help you could try a “collagen boosting, nourishing face cream”, ideally for sensitive skin, as this could reduce skin inflammation and help to lower sensitivity thus let the skin repair over time.

Ultimately, we want to protect the facial skin as much as possible to keep us looking younger, so keeping it hydrated is key, especially in the winter months.  Try drinking plenty of water, ideally boiled if convenient, and eating as many natural products as you can, as we are what we eat… well to some extent anyway

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