We all need a little bit of me-time and, or time-out.  This is why we love our candles and reed diffusers.  Whether it’s a fruity, musky, floral or woody scent, there is one for almost every household, room or corridor.  Have you ever felt then calming feeling walking into your favourite restaurant of hotel.

They’ve probably enhanced their reception with a well-placed, fragranced room diffuser near the door to help you to calm your senses when you walk past.

Many of the ingredients used in essential oil reed diffusers carry a host of other benefits.  From the indulgent tones of Dark Amber and Sandalwood to the invigorating destressing scents of Eucalyptus, Orange and Geranium, trying a room fragrance is virtually a must this season.  Many people switch scents per season, trying for example a delicious combination of White Tea, Pear and Grapefruit, a bit of a Spring wakeful call, but also citrusy to get the morning going.

or are you one of those people who like one for the bathroom, one for the living and one for the bedroom?  I mean, we’d all like to live in an ideal world, so why not have them all?  It’ll soon be Christmas so you may as well indulge whilst you can!

The other thing is:  aesthetics are also important.   A well designed glass bottle can act as a centrepiece on any surface and the stylish, shorter, black eco-friendly reeds, make all the difference for a designer home finish.

On top of this, you need to consider Longevity.  The last thing you want is a diffuser lasting a few weeks.  The importance of good quality natural essential oils with thicker reeds is a must, if you want to really enjoy being pampered for 3-4 months.

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