What our Customers Say

H2k of Harrogate has an enviable reputation. Here's a few words from our customers:-

Product: Sensual Hand Wash with Vitamin E

Gosh I can't believe how lovely this hand wash is. We used this in the Madinat in Dubai, so whilst we were visiting family in Harrogate, we googled H2k to find out where they were, then popped into the shop. We were really impressed, not only is the shop beautiful, but the staff were really knowledgeable. I loved the fact that the owner designs all the products. H2k is full of Yorkshire heritage and made me proud to be from Yorkshire! Love it.
Anne from Dubai, originally from Harrogate, 25 September 2017

Product: Calm Seas Bath & Shower gel

I used your product at The White Bear in Masham and was really impressed, so I thought I'd come to Harrogate to buy some. I wish there were more companies like H2k around who cared about their customers. We love your products and can't get enough of them! We're a customer for life!!
Wendy, 8th August 2017

Product: Organic lifestyle bath & shower gel

How amazing, a lady just came into our shop and said that our bath and shower gels are the only ones that don’t aggravate her eczema. She is on her fourth bottle of our shower gel and she said that H2k is the only shower gel she will buy. Today she went for the Organic lifestyle collection. She also said she is desperate for us to introduce a bath and shower gel to the Sensual collection because in her words that would make her ‘cry with happiness’!
Jane, 23 July 2016

Loving H2k moisturiser - you've got it just right!

A lady and her husband have just come into our shop. She said she had tried some of our hand and body lotion outside and that she just had to have some. She said she never buys any toiletries, as her and her husband own a little boutique shop in Scotland which sells bath and body products and she always just takes them off the shelf. However, she said that the hand and body lotion was absolutely beautiful, and that we make such wonderful products. Her exact words were ‘You have got it just right’.
H2k shop July 2016

Product: Mischief collection

I came to Harrogate for a conference and have seen H2k in The Crown Hotel, H.I.C and Will &Vics all in one day! I own a B&B and clearly need to stock you so I popped into the shop to order straight away
Mike, Burford in Oxfordshire,10 July 2016

Product: Sensual hand and body lotion

I've just used your products at the White Hart Hotel and couldn't get enough of the Sensual hand cream, I just love it. I'm so pleased I could come in store and buy some straight away, my hands feel super soft.
Katherine, Cheshire, June 2016

Product: Relax and Unwind Collection with Black Pepper, Frankincense & Cedarwood

We were blown away by H2k of Harrogate. Their products are fantastic. I used these at The Tiimble Inn in Otley. The hair products are the best I've used. They're paraben free too which is great for my sensitive skin.
Debbie, March 2016

Product: 30gm Soap Relax and Unwind with Black Pepper & Cedarwood

I used this in the Yorkshire Hotel and even bought the whole collection whilst I was there!. My skin was so sore and H2k has helped this enormously. I went down to the shop and bought the "beautiful skin" hand & body lotion which will help my dry skin too., so I'm so pleased I came to Harrogate as I've suffered for months with this and it's clearing up! Thank you H2k of Harrogate.
Karen from Manchester, Feb 2016

Product: 40ml Sensual Bath & Shower Gel with Vitamin E

I've now stayed at the White Hart Hotel, the Crown Hotel and The Yorkshire Hotel in Harrogate and used H2k. I simply love H2k and had to go into their shop and buy a gift for my friend. I think I like the Sensual bath & shower gel the most as the Vitamin E is so gentle on my skin. How lovely to use a local Brand.
Kathy, Jan 2016

Product: 35ml Mischief Conditioning Shampoo

Hi, I recently stayed at the Cedar Court Hotel in Harrogate and I used one of your shampoos (Mischief with Ylang Ylang). My hair and scalp have never felt better!
Patricia, May 2015

Product: 250ml Moisturiser

I was also at the Harrogate Business Market last week and didn't manage to visit your stand. This evening I was in Harrogate and tried your fantastic body lotion. Thank you H2k.
Julie, North Yorkshire, April 2015

Product: 250ml Calm Seas Bath & Shower Gel

Oh my word, this is fantastic and I think your best product to date. Can't get enough of it. Thanks H2k for creating the best shower gel.
Mark, Harrogate, March 2015

Product: 250ml Calm Seas Bath & Shower Gel

Oh my word, this is fantastic and I think your best product to date. Can't get enough of it. Thanks H2k for creating the best shower gel.
Mark, Harrogate, March 2015

Product: 250ml Beautiful Skin Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion

I have tried so many expensive and cheap and also branded moisturisers, lotions even petroleum jelly, but I was never happy as my skin is very dried, it needs hydration and moisturising. Those products worked temporarily but I was never satisfied. I used H2k's moisturiser above and I can see a visible result. My skin is much better than ever before. Thank you,
Shazia, Manchester, July 2014

Product: Oilovme 50ml (miracle oil)

My niece has just had a baby and she ended up with extremely bad stretch marks so I gave her the Oilovme oil that you gave me. I had been using it on my wrinkles and I think it is great. Anyway she is absolutely delighted with the results she has seen so far, they have reduced dramatically. I thought it was good that you heard how well it worked. So I will be ordering some more from the web.
Kelly, Boston May 2014

Product: 250ml Beautiful Skin Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion

I'm 45 and been buying moisturiser for many years. We were thinking of what to do last Saturday when my husband said some friends at work, were talking about the new H2k store in Harrogate, in that it was really amazing. Harrogate is a great place to shop, so instead of going to Leeds, we went to Harrogate for the day. Oh my word, the moisturiser is the best I've ever used. I wanted to buy the whole shop, the staff were really knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you, thank you for some amazing cream, that calms my skin.
Karen, Leeds March 2014

Product: 250ml Mischief Calming Soothing Hand Lotion

We were coming to the UK on holiday and were staying in London. We used H2k hand wash and lotion in the hotel we were staying in. As we were coming to York for the weekend, we stopped off at Harrogate en-route, so we could go to the Harrogate store and purchase some H2k Mischief Hand Lotion. We were really impressed with the store and also really pleased we'll be able to top-up online. It's the best moisturiser I've ever used.
Klaus, Germany March 2014

Product: Oilovme 50ml (miracle oil)

Your very kindly took the time to talk to me about my daughter's skin conditioner, eczema or psoriasis, and sold me some ointment. She "loves the product" and "there does seem to be some effect, but I need to persevere for longer to see what happens". Hazel, thank you for the time you spent and for introducing me (and more importantly my daughter) to your products.
Mike, Harrogate Feb 2014

Product: Sensual Body Lotion

Just received my order of 10 Sensual Conditioners. Just a quick email to say how absolutely delighted I am with your products and excellent service, the speed of postage was amazing. So glad I have found this wonderful brand.
Sheryl, Merseyside, Feb 2014

Product: Oilovme 50ml (miracle oil)

I've had several operations since having my children and this is the best oil I've ever used. It has worked on scars I've had from 10 years ago as well as recent ones which have reduced in size after just 3 weeks. I'm really pleased and would recommend this product to anyone who has had a similar experience.
Samantha, Physio in Harrogate, February 2013

Product: Spa 250ml Lifestyle Bath & Shower Gel and Ginseng 200ml Deodorising Body Spray

I used your products in Le Meridien Mina Seya Resort in Dubai and wanted to buy them when I returned to Italy. I am so pleased you are now shipping international retail orders. Thank you.
Sara Italy, 2013

Product: Beautiful Skin 250ml Refreshing Hand Wash

I'm still buying this after 8 years. Can't get enough of it and my friends always love it when they come round.
Anne, Brighouse 2011

Product: Gentle Clarifying Facial Cleanser 200ml

I used your products at the Devonshire Arms Health Club, Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire and ordered them before I returned to the States. Thank you for being so accommodating.
Pamela, USA 2010

Product: Beautiful Skin 250ml Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion

I've suffered with Psoriasis for 30 years and this is the only moisturiser that helps. Thank you H2k for formulating such a wonderful product.
Colin, West Sussex 2009

Product: Oilovme 50ml (miracle oil)

This is the best product ever. I can't believe how much it has reduced by stretch-marks in just 6 weeks.
Jane, Bradford 2008